Hello all and welcome to my garden-infused, garden-obsessed life! I am a self-taught garden designer and stylist who also writes and produces garden media for TV, magazines, Instagram, YouTube and the web. I’ve lived and gardened at my 1935 English Tudor home in Oklahoma City for the past thirty years. My garden has been featured in numerous national and local magazines and has been toured more times than I can count.


I look at EVERYTHING: my home, family, travel and life’s biggest questions through a gardening lens. Gardening has helped me raise two boys, be a better friend and neighbor, learn resilience and at times saved my sanity. It is simultaneously one of the most joyous and frustrating things I do. Join me on the adventure that is gardening.

From the Press


Dayna Springfield | Social Media Director | Garden Design

“Linda's warmth and passion for gardening shines through in every post. Her Instagram page is rich in tips, inspiration, and conversation for fellow gardeners. If you're not following her, start—your garden will thank you!”


Morton Paynne | Client

“Linda visualizes the essence and the potential of outdoor

places. She connects them harmoniously and beautifully. And

through her blog, videos and speaking engagements she knows

how to communicate what she does so others can do it



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