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2024 Word of the Year

Have you selected your word for the year 2024? I think this is such a fun and instructive practice...and an entertaining topic of conversation with close friends and family members. My sister Meg and my friend DD and I have long heart to hearts about our words - words which we take very seriously, I might add, and are very deliberate and studious in choosing. My iPhone wallpaper now has it spelled out front and center and every time I pick up my device I have it as a reminder. Literally in my face, if you will. This year I even penned a subphrase or subtext to go along with it that will hopefully give me the routine nudges I need to execute my priorities for the coming months. Without further adieu, I give you


and be prepared.

-- the significance and specifics of which I will keep to myself L O L - as the things I need to observe and prepare for are, well, personal. Maybe I just like keeping them to myself as my own special secrets, lest my good intentions get jinxed when aired publicly!


One word I WILL share with is not nearly as poetic, but one that I have sadly observed over the past couple of months as I garden, exercise, and literally just move: inflammation. My joints in general hurt more, a bit of nagging arthritis in my right thumb/wrist is making its presence known, and my rosacea has been flaring up a bit more than usual. All telltale signs of chronic inflammation affecting my overall well being.

So, in addition to just the fact that I’m aging (duh), I have been reflecting back on the past three months and any changes in my diet and habits. Indeed, I found some culprits:

  • For years I have regularly taken fish oil as an Omega 3 supplement to my diet. MegaRed Krill Oil to be exact, one I researched before taking and that was recommended to me by a nurse practitioner. I realized in the chaos of the last twelve months I had run out...due to an address change on my online subscription. New address = no fish oil. So I ordered some more and have started once again to take it religiously. I feel certain it will make a difference......hopefully before gardening season kicks in.

  • The next obvious step is to eat even more of the good guys: broccoli, fish, nuts, olive oil, berries, lean meats, green tea and fermented foods. All things I love, I just need to make sure they are available and convenient to consume. Sadly, sourdough bread, my achilles heal, is not on this list. I won’t be denying myself its tasty goodness, just moderating it.

  • I have on and off taken supplements containing the anti-inflammatory agents Curcumin Phytosome by Thorne on the recommendation of my obstetrician and I just ordered some to resume the practice. Tumeric to the rescue! I’m also about out of my Vitamin D3 Supplement. Since my doc is so high on the Thorne supplements, I am ordering more of them as well. Reviews are mixed on the popular combo of Glucosamine and Chondroitin, but a landscaper friend of mine swears by them, so I might get the Thorne version of it as well.

Also! That pesky exercise routine that keeps showing up on my calendar but I have often ignored since my move. No excuses now, girl. So I’m off to get in my 10,000 steps while it’s still light out.

Make sure to comment below with your word of the year and any health and wellness tips you have for our readers!

COMING UP: We have many exciting things on the Calendar this month. Including, a Youtube Live with my great friend Claus Dalby this coming Monday, celebrating our 1000th video, and a speaking engagement in La Jolla later this month.


My word for the year is AWARE. I have just turned 70, lost my sweet mother 9 months ago and am struggling with all the changes going on in my life. Being AWARE and so trying to be prepared for this next stage of my life is critical for me now. Thank you for your information and insights.


Jan 13

My word of the year is faith. Keep the faith of my family who crossed an ocean to begin a new life in our great and beautiful country . Keep the faith that the ideals we affirm can get us pass the hard times.


Jan 11

My word this year is COURAGE as in Go forward in COURAGE.


I Choose my Word this year as it is my first time doing this. Also started a journal but been preoccupied the last few days maybe the last 4 days, May the drum roll my Word is. MORE

More time in my reading my Bible first, I started a novel book the title is Starting Now , a blossom street Novel By Debbie Mcomber I’m following her on Facebook too!! MORE time for Me , More giving of my time towards others, I know I do that , More time in finishing my projects. I have been inspired by your blogs and by your gardening so I want More time in my garden this year.. More Time with visiting. Tha…


Jan 07

My word of the year is Strength. I have lost a lot of strength with aging and hope to regain some of my physical strength. In addition, I hope to become stronger mentally and emotionally. Happy New Year, Linda!🦋

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