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Life in the Transitions

The topic of transitions, of any kind and really, of any magnitude, is a topic that I have been fascinated with recently: how we navigate transitions, how resistant we are to their inherent change, their positive or negative impact in our lives, and how our attitude affects the story we tell ourselves about them. I’m considering doing a series of video interviews with women of all ages who are undergoing a transition of some kind...moving, having a child, getting married, getting a divorce, getting old.

For truly, as we all know, change...and transitions...are the only constant. On a personal note, I am reflecting on this topic as I cross the benchmark of 1000 videos on my YouTube channel. What started out as simply a love for gardening, words and composition of all manner of things ultimately morphed, or transitioned over time into what is now (strangely to me) a brand, a business and a responsibility to and for others. Truly, something to celebrate, reflect on and marvel at... especially since the ‘product’ I.e. YouTube videos, didn’t even exist when I planted my first tulip, killed my first plant and designed my first garden.

Now I, and you perhaps, are transitioning in other areas of our lives as well. Downsizing or upsizing, losing or gaining a spouse, retiring or getting laid off. Or maybe just mixing things up by transitioning into a new physical expression of going gray, or switching up our wardrobes, or improving our attitudes towards challenges and the inevitabilities of living a long life.

Speaking of transitions, this month we not only celebrate 1000 YouTube videos, but also one year in the Cottage, which has undergone a whole transition of its own this year.

I am fascinated by those who take life’s pilgrimage with its passages, adjustments and struggles, and manage to exhibit grace, equanimity, acceptance and even style while processing and adjusting to life’s changes. I am looking for transition mentors - ‘transitionistas’ - if you will, who can help guide me through the next years and hopefully, decades.

Please let me know if you too find this topic compelling and if you are comfortable sharing your life transitions by commenting below or reaching out to us. We can all learn and grow with one another and maybe be better humans in the process!

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