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Gift Guide For Hygge & Self-Care

This year I'm excited to share my gift guide recommendations. Scroll through my top picks that you can order directly from your couch. Hope you enjoy it!

Everyone needs a heated blanket! It's amazing to slide into a warm pre-heated bed on those cold winter nights.

I think this laptop/bathtub tray is a great addition to any pamper evening. I was sold when I saw it has a wine glass holder built-in!

*On my list!

I think we all could use these Chill Pill bath bombs after the year we've endured. What a perfect little treat for someone you love.

This is genius! A wine glass that screws onto any wine bottle, because sometimes the bottle is the perfect serving.

This line of candles is amazing! They have a variety of scents that are all inspired by states & places around the world. It would be the perfect gift to send someone who lives out-of-state and might be feeling a little homesick.

Have you ever hear of this acupressure mate? You're meant to lay on this "bed of needles" and it's supposed to help reduce pain and increase circulation. Definitely a great gift for someone who wants to hit those pressure points.

This Barnett's box of chocolate-covered biscotti would be a great little treat to send someone with a sweet tooth. I mean who wouldn't love to receive this decadent present?

Here's another wild one for ya! These are acupressure slippers. Great for people who are on their feet all-day.

This shoulder massager is great for needing out those knots. Perfect for the person on your list who you know deserves a massage. (even if that's you!)

This neck wrap is another therapeutic treat for the person who struggles with neck & shoulder pain. Pop it in the microwave to heat it up for a soothing effect. It also comes it a bunch of different colors!

While we're all cooped up it's nice to fill your space with a soothing scent. This room spray comes in a variety of fragrances to fit the recipient.

Weighted blankets were all the rage a few years back but they definitely are worth a try. The added weight helps you decompress & fall asleep faster. They come in a variety of weights & colors.

*Alex Fav

This mini air purifier is this year's must-have gift! I'm sure we could all use this product while staying safe inside and a great gift for anyone!

Thanks for checking out my top gift picks. Click the links below for my other gift guides.


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